It's a unique heritage with the combination of experience, ingenuity and passion that the company safeguards.

Late.Shri Tulsidas Ramji Khimani began his timeless journey in 1983 with Khimani Watch company.

Mr. Atul Khimani and Mr. Harshad Khimani are the strong pillars of the company. They had far sighted vision and in less than a decade transformed the company into Swiss Paradise by evolving international brands.

Mr. Atul Khimani ,believes in far more than a means of selling Timepieces, it is about a passion, love and tenderness for the customers he says. Today Swiss Paradise has 8 showrooms in the suburbs of Borivali and Bhayendar.

The Third generation Mr. Varun H. Khimani and Mr. Sagar H. Khimani are in continuity with the spirit of guarantee, durability and trustworthiness under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Atul Khimani.